ACS with avm Initial Config

I’ve installed acs 1.2.5
so far so good; i want to test ist with AVM Fritzboxes…
Nothing appear in the UI…
with some (long,long,) more searching i found the Problem: it was the dhcp: first i test it with Mikrotik, and ISC, nothing work. the center of the failure: AVM Produkts dont request the option 43 ! you must force the sending.
i Solved it with ISC dhcp on Webmin : go to manual config and enter these code:

if exists dhcp-parameter-request-list {
option dhcp-parameter-request-list = concat(option dhcp-parameter-request-list,2b);

the 2b says the the option 43 must be sended everytime.
the enter hthe code for your acs ( in ISC Webmin option : string, value http://IP:PORT)
then it shoudl work :slight_smile:

i hope this helps someone( for me this takes hours…)

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If some one is not using webmin, here is the other necessary configuration für AVM and ACS:

That’s what I am using in my lab setup