Acesso via layer 2 e DHCP 43

Olá, Gostaria de saber se é possível fazer o acesso do meu ACS ao meu CPE via MAC (Layer 2) e aí sim setar as configurações, pois meus CPEs não vem habilitada a função de tr069. E também, se dá pra fazer via DHCP 43

You can set the ACS url via DHCP option 43. But your CPE has to be setup to accept the URL from option 43.

As to using layer 2, no. The ACS and CPEs operate at layer 7.

ah yes, in this case, the CPE already comes with the factory configured firmware to support dhcp 43? and similarly does dhcp 43 know exactly where to inject the url? in the fields of the ACS remote?

That is all going to depend on the CPE vendors implementation. One would hope that if the CPE accepts option 43 it sets the ACS URL option.

ok, and this configuration I do on my dhcp server and put the numbers in exdecimal? do you have any example of delivery by dhcp 43, either in mikrotik or ubq, or any other?

You will need to configure your DHCP server to send option 43. How you configure that is dependent upon which DHCP server you are using. Google is your friend.

perfect thank you :slight_smile: