ZTE H3600 Router root access

Hi, I am trying to declare provision variable for gaining root access on ZTE H3600 router but it does not show anything under InternetGatewayDevice.DeviceInfo.X_ZTE-COM_AdminAccount.*

I have successfully done this for my old router H298A but am facing this issue with my new H3600 router.

Any idea what provision parameter I should set to see the variable?

There can be two different things going on here. 1, they could have removed the parameter from the tree all together on the device and no longer respond to that value. 2, the vendor could have removed the parameter from being discovered in the tree, but still responds when a SPV is sent.

If its option #1, there is nothing you can do. If its option 2, you will need to patch GenieACS to allow writing to a parameter it doesn’t know about.