Basic setup for the people not in the know

Hi all,

At the business I work at, we sell and use a lot of Draytek Routers at our customers sites. Because of this, we wanted the ability to see of all the routers, push a simple configuration to them (e.g. generic VPN settings, router welcome page, disable SIP ALG and more) and update the firmware.

GenieACS was easy (kinda) to install but now trying to get it to do the simple task of showing us some information or knowing how to push specific settings has been hard to find/understand. For me, Provisions — GenieACS Documentation 1.2.8 documentation doesn’t help.

Things I would like to know:

  1. How do I configure GenieACS to show me router specific information in the device page e.g. “InternetGatewayDevice.X_00507F_VPN.DialInUser.1.” from the Draytek 2100 to 2900 series or “InternetGatewayDevice.X_00507F_USER_MANGEMENG_V39.UserProfile.1.UserName” from the Dryatek 3900 series

  2. Where do I need to put the TR-069 data we want configured to then be able to push it to a device? I assume this is under Provisions?

  3. What is required to be able to push firmware updates? I’ve uploaded a firmware file to GenieACS but upon pushing it to the specific router the firmware is for, nothing happened.

I’ve spent the last 2 days on this already and cannot wrap my head around what I need to do. I might have broken it now too as clicking on summon now gives me an error on one of the routers.

Any help is appreciated. I wouldn’t be surprised it would be easy for some of you.

I was not able to connect correctly with a Draytek router. It somehow behaved strangely.
When you do not have this issue, it should be straightforward. Have a look at all parameters for that device in genieacs ui. All parameters will help you a lot when developing scripts for your acs.

Thanks Jonas, I’m glad I am not the only one. I’ve added in the VPN parameter into the Device Page and Index Page. I can see it’s added to the Index Page but not in the device page as if it’s not able to retreive it from the router. I don’t know where to go next to fix it.

Hi @Jordan-TCWG,

Not all CPE’s model/vendors have the same “endpoints”. There are a lot of CPE’s that shows the “endpoint” for example in your case “InternetGatewayDevice.X_00507F_VPN.DialInUser.1” but you can’t read it’s value.

First you need to check if you can retrieve this value manually under device page → All parameters. There are a circle with arrow icon at right of every item to read the value. If you can read this value, you can use it where you like.

With respect to “I’ve spent the last 2 days on this”, as i was reply you in another post, GenieACS takes quite time to understand it :wink:


Hi @fdavidcn,

Thanks for your reply. If I understand the first bit correctly, the fact that GenieACS cannot get more than 9 parameters means that it will not be able to pull all of the TR-069 lines, is that correct?

I have put it in the device page,

And in the Index Page,

But I don’t understand where to go next.

Hi @Jordan-TCWG,

As i can see in screenshot, you have only 9 parameters and you can’t show values of any 'InternetGatewayDevice.*" parameter because you don’t have this values. You need to read all posible parameters from CPE first.

Check your CPE configuration and make sure that is configured correctly. You should have in this parameter list a parameter called ‘InternetGatewayDevice’ or ‘Device’ with some child parameters.

Have you tried to summon device clicking on “summon” button?


I have the same Problem with Draytek routers.
I think it is a bug with these devices/this vendor.

in case you haven’t done this already:

Thanks @rudymartin. I managed to do this at the beginning (which is where I found the router specific settings) and have managed to configure a router via telnet quite easily. I’m just not understanding GenieACS properly to be able to get it working.

Hi @fdavidcn, I have and I’m getting an error everytime i do now. I’ve pulled this from the UI log (only log with an error shown).

2022-04-16T02:27:38.969Z [INFO] admin@::ffff:My IP: Query devices; filter=“DeviceID.ID = “00507F-Vigor3900-001D********””
2022-04-16T02:27:38.976Z [INFO] admin@::ffff:My IP: Query faults; filter="_id < “00507F-Vigor3900-001D********:zzzz” AND _id > “00507F-Vigor3900-001D********:”"
2022-04-16T02:27:40.706Z [INFO] admin@::ffff:My IP: Query faults; filter="_id < “00507F-Vigor3900-001D********:zzzz” AND _id > “00507F-Vigor3900-001D********:”"
2022-04-16T02:27:40.708Z [INFO] admin@::ffff:My IP: Query devices; filter=“DeviceID.ID = “00507F-Vigor3900-001D********””

Hi, maybe there is a bug with this device as @JonasGhost says. There are a lot of devices in market that support TR-069 but doesn’t works fine.

Try to contact with the vendor of device to get a response about that. Maybe with a firmware upgrade of CPE you can fix this problem (or not).