Adding RouterOS TR069 parameter


i try to add parameter in Admin > Config, for exemple :
ui.device.10.components.0.element Device.Ethernet.InterfaceNumberOfEntries

After that when i go in Devices, and try to view details from a router the gui is frozen and nothing is displayed.

If i remove the parameter everything comes back.

Is there something wrong ? I have already add other parameters without problems.
Is there a way to make genieacs learn parameter from a device ?

I found how to achieve what i was looking for.

To add custom parameters just create a provision with for exemple :

const now =;
declare("Device.Ethernet.InterfaceNumberOfEntries", now);
declare("Device.Ethernet.Interface.{i}.", now); 

Then create a preset with for exemple :

routeros_fetch mikrotik 0 2 PERIODIC [routeros_fetch]

When you go in Devices and select a device you can now see the number of ethernet interface and all the parameters for each one.

for exemple :


Try the Easier Way to Accomplish This :slight_smile: