Where to put credentials PPPoE

pass the serialnumber when you call the extension script.

Ok I did it but then i don’t know how to go about getting the json object I need.

I have this:

                "CodiceCliente" :"154522",
                "pppoe_username": "tgwetw",
                "pppoe_password": "twt5yw"
                "CodiceCliente" :"54852",
                "pppoe_username": "hthted",
                "pppoe_password": "hteh"

Once I have passed the serialnumber to my extension script, what could I do for obtain for example:
“CodiceCliente” :“54852”,
“pppoe_username”: “hthted”,
“pppoe_password”: “hteh”
You are kind, thanks.