Script to provissioning


I have a Ont Huawei HS8145V on Genieacs and currently can configure parameters as ssid for example whit a preset. Someone can help me whit a script to provission pppoe.
I just need configure a pppoe when the Ont was a factory reseted.

Many thanks.


This question has been answered numerous times. Please review the documentation and the wiki.

Hello @akcoder , thanks I found this link

But I dont understand how work it.
Can you help me please, or give a introduction to how use these script?
Many thanks.


Scripts are executed by presets.

This preset runs when a CPE is bootstraped (turned on for the very first time, or factory defaulted).


This preset here runs when a CPE informs without the 0 BOOTSTRAP event, and is not Disabled, Provisioned and the desired state is Managed. Those tags are added to the CPE by a different preset :smiley:.

This provision script queries our subscriber management server to get the desired configuration of a CPE. The ext() func calls an external script (that reside in the genieacs/config/ext dir). External scripts are how you can get data from external services.


let serialNumber = declare("DeviceID.SerialNumber", {value: 1}).value[0];
let productClass = declare("DeviceID.ProductClass", {value: 1}).value[0];
let oui = declare("DeviceID.OUI", {value: 1}).value[0];
let deviceId = declare("DeviceID.ID", {value: 1}).value[0];

let params = {serial: serialNumber, productClass: productClass, oui: oui, deviceId: deviceId};

//Get the cpe config mode
let cpeConfig = ext('cpe-config', 'getConfig', JSON.stringify(params));

if (cpeConfig && cpeConfig.config) {
    log('Set_Config_Mode - Config? ' + cpeConfig.config);

    declare("Tags." + cpeConfig.config, null, {value: true});

    if (cpeConfig.tags && cpeConfig.tags.toLength > 0) {
        for (let [tag] of cpeConfig.tags) {
            declare("Tags." + tag.replace(' ', '_'), null, {value: true});

Hello @akcoder

I dont have a path as genieacs/config/ext.
Have GenieACS-Version: 1.2.1+20200909044125.

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I haven’t upgraded to v1.2 yet, but as I understand its still supported. As always, the best place to look is the documentation.

@akcoder, I dont have ext file on a server.
Id create the file my self with this link?

Many thanks.
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Gastón Urbina.-

ext is a directory that your extension scripts go in.

I’m not sure yet how 1.2 works, but I will presume it works the same as v1.1, so yes create that directory and put your extension scripts in there.

I am using ext scripts with 1.2 without Problems.
I followed this guide:

You have to create the directory your self.

Ok, many thanks @JonasGhost and @akcoder.
I`ll try making directory and put these scritp.
Happy new year


Now, I have the external script in home/urbina/genieacs-gui/config/ext# and also added the provision script. Whats the next step? Because in the provision script or external I dont see where modify the tags.

I only need to provide one wan interface pppoe, ssid and presharedkey.
Do you think that exists another easy way to provide this parameters?

Many thanks.

Gastón Urbina.-

That is an incorrect location for your ext scripts. They should be under genieacs/config/ext not the gui.

Hi, @akcoder:

So I should create genieacs/config/ext in " / " ?



The location of the ext dir is entirely dependent on where you put genieacs. If you put genieacs in the /opt dir, then the correct location would be /opt/genieacs/config/ext.


The installation put the directories on /home/urbina.
So I should create /genieacs/config/ext on /home/urbina? Ok?