No PPPoE pushed

Hi guys, I’m basically testing my provision script

I created a trivial ext script cpe-config.js with this code:

function resetPppoe(args, callback) {

        let json = require('....genieacs/config/ext/cpe-config.json');

        console.log('Returning credentials to client', json);
         return callback(null, json);


exports.resetPppoe = resetPppoe;

This script require this json:

    "CodiceCliente" :"154522",
    "pppoe_username": "blabla@bla',
    "pppoe_password": "iequ2Aizee"

In the log return this, but the pppoe it was not pushed on the CPE:

Returning credentials to client [ { CodiceCliente: '154522',
    NomeCliente: 'boh',
    SerialNumber: '48575443677B5B9E',
    pppoe_username: 'blabla@bla',
    pppoe_password: 'iequ2Aizee' } ]

my approach is wrong?