Virtual Parameters do not add to all devices

Hello all:

We recently acquired another model of router that we are trying to support. They unfortunately use a different naming in the device, so I believe I figured out the “correct” way to handle this is with virtual parameters. So we set up some virtual parameters and added it to the device page view. The challenge is, on SOME devices it has been added, on others it has not. We notice the virtual parameters appear in the device tree on ones that do work, and if we add additional virtual parameters, we can refresh the virtual parameters tree to get those to show up on a device.

For some unknown reason, a handfull (about 5-10%) of our EXISTING devices are not getting ANY virtual parameters. There’s no virtual parameters tree to refresh, so there’s no way for us to get them added.

How do we get them to show up?


Use a provision script. Put something like this in your default script:

declare('VirtualParameters.SomeParamName', {value: 1});