Upgrade guide from 1.1 to 1.2

Hello there,

Is there any guide to teach how to upgrade genieacs from 1.1 to 1.2?
We are using the 1.2 version under our staging server and we love it, now we want to upgrade our production instance to use 1.2.
Any help on this?

Upgrade should be straight forward, at least far as GenieACS core is concerned. Migrating from genieacs-gui to the v1.2 UI is a different story. If you’re not using a patched version of geniacs-gui with your customizations, then configuring v1.2 UI like your genieacs-gui is relatively straight forward.

Here are the main changes that you need to be aware of:

  • Preconditions now use the new expression format. The old will still work but once update and save a preset it’ll automatically convert the precondition for you. It’s possible that the converter has a bug or two so I’d suggest going through every preset and saving it to double check that the precondition has converted properly.

  • Presets now only take a single provision. The ‘configuration’ part is deprecated. Your old presets will stll work but you won’t be able to edit them in the UI until you remove all configuration and keep a single ‘provision’ configuration only. So essentially you’ll have to use provision scripts for everything. No more basic configuration options.

  • The file config.json is deprecated but will still work. If you don’t want to bother using environment variables, then simply copy your old config directory to th new setup.

I believe that’s all. Beware of bugs and make sure to test everything before going live.

You did not answer the question. Can you do a guide for upgrading and also a guide for installing from source

You are aware this is free software right? You could certainly write a guide and give back to the community.

The only way this workd for me was to install the new version in another server and them import the mongodb database.
auto-update/upgrade would be a great feature for future.


I usually do this on the same server. Backup the DB, stop the Genie-services and move the folder to a new name(i.e. genieacs-backup). Install the new version and point it towards your mongoDB (It might have the same default db-setup, actually) and it should work. There’s a short wizard in the new version that will convert the database.
I think you can run the old Genieacs-ui alongside the new version, just don’t fire up the old genie-cwmp/nbi/fs services.

When upgrading the setup asked me to update my nodejs version, and that was not possible.
So the best way was to install in the new server.
Also, I’m trying to convert my old graphs but I have some 500 errors.