Possible bug in Genieacs UI

Hi everyone, on 5/23 I had problems with the genieacs UI, but specifically the popup screen we use to change the CPE information.
This occurred in version 1.2.8+20220523, the same problem also occurred some time ago, however it was the nodeJS version, it works fine until 16.13.0, but after that, the problem with the UI , more specifically the pop-up screen, to change CPE information.

In the bug that occurred on the date of 05/23/2022, I thought it was the node version, but it was actually the genieacs version that had been updated I managed to solve the bug by downgrading the version to October 2021.

I leave my report here, so it can be seen by everyone…

Thank you very much

I am available for contact.


hello marcos, do you have a chance to fix this?

what kind of problems you had? could give more details? screenshots?

If you update via github the genieacs, after restart the services, you can not change any parameter of the device. the “pen” icon will not response any action. a rollback to previous build will make work again.

i tested over three diferent machines in my lab. all under debian 10 instalation.

Hi everyone, sorry for the delay in responding.

I couldn’t solve this problem, I just solved it by downgrading the version, but in the code I couldn’t solve it

Maybe @zaidka I can point you to a solution, or I’ve already done it and updated it on github

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I don’t think it’s wise to use the development version of ACS. I recommend to stick to the documentation:


states to use this command to install it:

sudo npm install -g genieacs@1.2.8

which installs version v1.2.8+20211027200938 . I did that on a new server some 45 days ago (took me about 10 minutes to do it, just by following the steps on the docs), we simply replaced the production server from 1.2.4 and had zero important issues so far.-

Perhaps you might want to consider to start fresh if you think you messed up.

edit: fix typo.
Also: you can’t be using both latest stable and development version.

hello, i do the same “npm install -g genieacs@1.2.8” and same issue still present. (i reboot the server to restart all services and same problem).
But is not the discussion about previous version, we rollback to november 2021 version and it works ok. This happens with the lastest git version, so the contribution from our side is also test the version and give some input to Zadika.


how come it works for me then ? AFAIK there’s only one popup for edition and has to be that one.

As a software developer, if I ever suspect a website has a bug, the first thing I do is to open debug console and (if it’s necessary) refresh the page to see if there’s any error, be it javascript or ajax call. That usually gives you a clue of what might be wrong.

also something like this could help:


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Thanks @marcos. The cause of this seems to be a recent commit I made to use Standards mode instead of Quirks mode for HTML. Should have tested it better! Will fix soon.

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Hi zadika i think that part of the testing should be done by us since we use the solution and you use this as a feedback from the community. Thank you to take your time for all this

Best regards

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Just pushed a fix for this.


fixed on my side with today´s version. Again, thank you Zadika.