Two device parameter

Hi. I`m new in genieacs. I install it and it runs okey.

But, i have a question. Can i use two differents brands of routers? with different parameters?

and, another question, i’m trying to reset the device and this forgets the information. how can i make the router to self-provision with genieacs?

Hi, your router must by have Connection Request Username and Password fields filled and router firewall do not prohibit TR-069 port 7547 from your ACS server.

Yes, you can use multiple brands of routers with the ACS.

As to your second question, you would trigger on the 0 BOOTSTRAP event and run your provisioning scripts.

i believed that when te router has connected to genieacs, when i reset it, this automatically recovery stock data.

To use several brands, I must have several parameter files or all the data of the different routers go in the same parameter file.


The router doesn`t have any problem to connect to genieacs, but, when i push reset button, this forget the information and i need connect to genieacs again. Thanks!

If you are factory defaulting the device, it does not remember your ACS information. You can try doing DHCP option 43.

can i use this with mikrotik? i’m trying this but i don`t find information.

As long as the Mikrotik is your DHCP server you can do this. explains how to setup an DHCP Option ID, you just need to figure it out for Option 43 which seem pretty straight forward if you have Mikrotik knowledge.