Genieacs 1.2.5 help

Hi I installed genieacs 1.2.5 and i need some help for

1- Where i can found config folder to edit the parameter like ( index_parameters-sample.yml and summary_parameters-sample.yml )

2- What is the default username and passwords for connection request

Thanks in advance

The default username and password for connection request are device-dependent, so there’s no real answer across the board. It’s something you’ll need to ask the device vendor. If the device shows up in the ACS, you can go to the parameter browser and look in the ManagementServer section for those fields.

Where did you look for the YAML files?

Thanks for your reply… this mean i can leave the username and password connection request empty from the CPE side …
According to the yaml file, i’m looking to change and edit parameters in ACS GUI depending on the CPE vendor thats i using it.
So, In version 1.2.5 i can’t found this type of files

In 1.2.5 this is all edited through the UI, by going to Admin->Config and choosing options like “Edit index page” and “Edit device page”

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Many thanks for your replay , it’s clear now …

Last thing, I just need to ensure is there any setting from ACS side about the connection request (i.e. username and password ) or I can leave them empty from CPE side as see below … Thanks in advance


GenieACS will set those automatically, but you have to edit the default “inform” provision that GenieACS 1.2.5 installs on a new system. The provision is setting InternetGatewayDevice parameters but MikroTik uses TR181 which uses the word Device instead of InternetGatewayDevice. So you have to duplicate the lines in the default “inform” provision that set things like that the connection request username/password and inform interval, and adjust the duplicates to change “Device” instead of “InternetGatewayDevice”.

Also you should be using SSL for your CWMP communication.

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And to clarify, the SSL is for /most/ of the CPE–ACS communication. The connection request, as stated in the TR069 protocol is over HTTP.

From Section of TR069:
The Connection Request MUST make use of HTTP, not HTTPS. The associated URL MUST be an HTTP URL.

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Yes, but you don’t really have the ability to change the connection request URL. However, the ACS URL should be https for security reasons and it is not.

Exactly. I was just clarifying for Tariq in case he thought that your recommendation also included the connection request should also be SSL.


there is no security risk by using http for connectionrequests. (if the devices have implemented it correct)

For the data exchange between CPE and ACS it supports HTTPS.

The Connection Request is just a “knock on the door” for the devices. Which is protected by a random password (maby even regular authomaticly changed password) and Digest Authentication.

I never said there was a security risk by using http for connection requests.