Support for Upload RPC

Hi, are there any plans to support Upload RPC?
I‘m dealing with a lot of MikroTik devices and many information is not available through the datamodel.


I would also like to see this for pulling diagnostic files from a CPE.

I had posted this to the mailing list but got no response:


I’m afraid there are currently no plans for Upload RPC.

Upload RPC is very helpful for diagnosis of router issues. We used it regularly for uploading config and log files from routers that weren’t remotely accessable.

That’s a must for us too. Is there any plans for that ?

Support for Upload RPC is implemented in the branch ‘uploads’ for now. You’re welcome to fork and apply the patches on top of the latest release.

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I see. Do you think that’s going to be implemented on the master branch any further?

Same here. It will be very helpful for us to remote retrieve the diagnosis configs and logs from the device.