Upload speedtest moving back to 'None'

Using a HTTP server. I’ve got speed tests working, or at least had them working. Download works as expected.

Upload works in that on the HTTP server I can see the traffic arriving from the CPE so the test is getting run. However now when I refresh the upload parameters to get the results DiagnosticsState moves to None, BOMtime and EOMtime et al are empty values.

This has been tested on 2 different CPEs. Both have been rebooted and removed from the GenieACS instance before being placed back in.

Any thoughts are appreciated.

Thanks, I have. That’s why it worked in the first place. :slight_smile: I’m just looking for an understanding of why it worked last week, no changes and now doesn’t work.

What information is in the CWMP and/or debug logs?

Thanks, I will put the debug in place and have a look through. I’ll update if I can sort it and/or if I need to understand something.

So in the debug I can see the parameter DiagnosticsState being set to “Requested”. What I can’t see is the “8 DIAGNOSTICS COMPLETE” message. Where as I can see that on the download test. I can also see the refresh parameters msg from Genie and the empty response from the CPE.

I know that the CPE is doing the test as the TCPdump on the HTTP server shows the uploads.

I’m going to try factory reset the CPEs (both are TP-link) to see what happens after that, though this will have to wait as they are in a DC and I’ll lose mgmt of them if I do it remotely.

My best guess is that the CPEs are at fault here as Genie isn’t receiving the data.

Check the device log. There is sometimes useful information in there.

Another option for getting more useful information is crack the router open and there will either be a 4 pin header, for an unpopulated 4 pin header on the circuit board. If the header is unpopulated, its a simple matter to solder on a header. You can probably find the pinout of the header on the internet, but its not hard to figure out which pin is which too. Use a USB → TTL serial adapter with serial params of 115200,8n1.

I’ve used this method many, many times to get useful debug information from the CPE.