Setting timouts for ui pushing vendor config file 1.2

When using the 1.2 ui I can push a config file to a modem as long as I wait until the modem will soon checkin. The modem is behind NAT so can’t be reached directly by Genieacs. I’ve got these 3 set in config but there must be something else related to this particular time out. I’m hoping some one can tell me what setting it is. Cheers

cwmp.connectionRequestTimeout 350000
cwmp.deviceOnlineThreshold 350000
cwmp.downloadTimeout 350000

None of these will help. In 1.2 tasks don’t get queued in the background until the next periodic inform. The proper solution here is to use STUN or XMPP connection requests.

Thanks Zaidka. Does the api handle tasks differently because tasks such as reboot work at the next checkin via the api but not the ui unless I set it just before the checkin?

The API gives you the choice if you keep the tasks in the database if the device is offline. That’s the default behavior unless you include ‘expire’ property in the task object.

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Thanks for clarifying that.