Queue tasks (No connection request)


Just trying out GenieACS and wanted to know if it’s possible via the UI to queue up tasks that get processed on next inform rather than using the connection request functionality?

Currently whenever performing an action such as Reboot via the UI the task fails because the connection request fails.

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I would also like that feature for the UI.
Sometimes I have clients, where I can not issue a connection request. But I have to change values and do not like to use the API interface for some simple manual changes.


Same here. As my CPEs are behind nat, I can not use the connection request feature.
At this time the only solution is to create a provision that does the same action, but it would be easier if the taks remains in the queue after the connection request fails.

I am considering adding an option in the task list pop-up to make tasks stick if the CPE is not reachable. There’s a few decisions to be made around how persistent tasks should be displayed. I’d rather not add another tab for tasks if I can avoid it.

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ok, thanks, that would be a great improvement for us :slight_smile: