Tasks states and timeouts

Good day!

I have my CPE devices behind NAT.
If I queue “Reboot” or “Reset” tasks in GenieAcs UI from “Devices” tab and commit them, they are on “Pending” state for ~ 3 seconds, and after this timeout move to “Stale” state.

If a CPE doing INFORM during “Pending” state (3 sec period), all good - it receives a command to reboot, reset. Otherwise, when tasks are in “Pending” state nothing happens on CPI INFORM request.

So, the first question is:

Is it possible to increase this “Pending” state timeout?

The second question is:

Is it possible to get “Stale” state tasks from GenieAcs API?

I can get “Pending” state tasks from API, but I would like to get “Stale” state tasks from API to script “Reboot” command during CPE inform request.

Best regards.

I just use the API to reboot as it doesn’t timeout like the UI

Is it possible to run API command from the GenieAcs WEB UI?