Satellite networks

Hello, I’m using genieACS v1.2.9+.

I have configured the server, and everything works fine on Ethernet networks. However, when switching to satellite networks, I encounter a ping error “Error: Command failed: ping -w 1 -i 0.2 -c 3” and cannot use the “summon” button. The message “Device offline” appears. Meanwhile, provisioning scripts are functioning correctly.
I conducted tests on Ethernet networks and artificially increased the delay between ACS and CPE. I noticed that when the request exceeds 1 second, I receive this error. I’m a beginner and don’t know how to solve the problem on my own.
How to increase Request Timeout? If that’s the problem.
And change the ping command?

To change the ping timeout, you will need to edit the code and change the params for ping to increase the timeout. Type man timeout at the console for detailed parameter info for ping.

Thanks, this helped me. It would be convenient if you could edit the ping parameters outside of the code.

Submit a pull request. I’ve submitted a few and had them accepted.