Same device different IDs

Hi all,

I’m struggeling with the IDs in GenieACS. As it is seen in the picture, OUI is different in old firmware release. When the device is upgraded then OUI changes and this is creating me 2 device IDs for one device.

I have created virtual parameter Serial with which I could find out if the device already exists and then delete the old one. I’m not sure if this is the right step and how it will effect the performance od the system. Is there any other solution to this? Can I somehow change Device ID to only serial number? Has anyone struggeled with this so far and how did you fix it?

Thanks and BR,

Hi, I struggled with this but with the product class. The vendor changed the product class between firmware version. Because of this, I went back to the TR069 spec. There are three values that are guaranteed to be unique per the spec: OUI, Product Class and Serial Number. So it makes perfect sense why @zaidka would chose to make the identifier from those values.

What I ended up having to do was write special code that look for the changing product class, update stuff and delete the old identifier.

My suggestion to you is tell your vendor its not okay to change things that are supposed to be unchanging.


Thanks @akcoder,

The vendor will not change it anymore. The problem is that we have in our warehouse at least 10k of devices with OLD firmware :frowning: And when they get online they are automatically upgraded. So this means that for at least 10k of devices I will have duplicate entries :frowning: I will try to fix it with tags, but I’m a bit unsure of how to do it.

I’m not saying that @zaidka did something wrong because this stuff is amazing :slight_smile: