Muliple OUIs for same firmware, product class

What am I doing wrong?

I uploaded, via the API, a device firmware image and included OUI, product class and the software version of the image. When I looked at my devices, I noticed there were actually multiple OUIs for that device, so I uploaded again the firmware for the other OUI, and I could then push it to the device. However, when I go to the firmware page, there is only one entry for the image.

Should I not use an OUI if the firmware is applicable to multiple OUIs?

Some CPE manufacture use multiple OUI for a product series, some allow it to fix that by a special configuration.
Usually the oui is “burned into” the device, but it looks like, that this cpe is choosing the oui random.

This is a known limitation of GenieACS. In 1.1 (not sure about 1.2 as we haven’t upgraded yet), the product class and OUI must match for the file to show up under the push file option. And filenames have to be unique. One work around for this is to put the oui in the firmware image name. Then you can cover the multiple ouis the vendor uses. Not optimal, but it works.

Unlike GenieACS 1.1.x, in GenieACS 1.2.x you can simply leave the OUI blank and then the file will show up in the push list for all OUI’s. Depending on your situation, this may or may not be a suitable workaround.


Yeah, I just added the firmware from the UI with no OUI and that is exactly the behaviour – I was able to apply it to any of those Product matter the device’s OUI.

(And sorry for not mentioning my version. I’m using 1.2.5)

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