How to change a device name?

Is there a way to change a device name? I’m new to Genieacs, so forgive me if this is a stupid question.
My new devices when added Genie get a random name ( Device: 90FD73-ZXHN%20H198A%20V3%2E0-ZTEEH7PLAQ10241 for instance), so I want to change it for better identification.
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Names can’t be changed. The names that you see in GUI aren’t random names. This names are builded from three values:

  • Device OUI
  • Device Product Class (Model)
  • Device Serial Number

In your case, OUI is ZXHN, Product Class is H198A and Serial number is V3.0-ZTEEH7PLAQ10241


Unfortunatly it is not possbile.
You can used Tags or own Virtual Parameter.
For example I use a parameter for the Line the customer is connected to. The data for that is requested from the customer database.

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