Relation between OUI,SerialNumber

in last days we enabled connection from devices on SSL and got new devices . most of them have same SerialNumber with oldOnes but different OUI and many other params as username of ppp connection ( one active-connected ppp per device ) .
i don’t know how to verify that devices are different with others or not . is this devices are same ? is is possible that we have received duplicate inform packets from a device in any situation or configuration ?
what is unique bind of device identification ? ( OUI/SerialNumber) ?
the definition of OUI says that OUI is the first three bytes of the six-byte field . but we have so many devices with different OUI and SerialNumber .

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i knew about oui 's and aware of databases . but i don’t know what is the correct combination to limit devices to prevent duplication ? or is it possible a device duplicated based on OUI/Serial Number ?
can people fake OUI/Serial Number in their device ?

now I get it. I never did that, mainly because our ACS is sitting on a vlan so security is not a problem.

So, what is your real problem? Duplicated CPEs on GenieACS GUI ? If that’s the case you could simply remove them using the last Inform column by sorting it. Or you could do a tag inside a provision and then delete all others after some time or criteria.

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