Adding CPE trouble (device split in 2 devices?)


I am really new at this, trying to figure out how can I use genieacs for managing outdoor broadband devices. I am specifically testing this device: [](http://Huawei B2368 )

I have configured the CPE and although it gets added to genieacs it gets split into 2 devices one of which is offline (status:other), registers with the correct serial number and product class (B2368-A01) and another which has an incorrect serial (0000 probably something uninitialized), appears to be online and registers a wrong product class (BM632w).

Furthermore there is a wifi table that shouldn’t exist given the device doesn’t have wifi with entries none of our network engineers recognize:

WLAN hosts

Host name IP address MAC address
android-d87bf88d22e66acf 40:B0:FA:9C:4A:50
android-d91540e8540e9c7a 10:68:3F:77:88:20
Lena-PC C0:14:3D:C0:CF:93
localhost 1C:3E:84:AC:BB:76
Munas-iphone C0:9F:42:56:33:DF 20:10:7a:08:4d:43

No one has added a second device to genieacs.

I am using genieacs latest beta right now but I tried out the latest stable release before the beta and I had the exact same behavior from genieacs.

Any help would be appreciated

That’s the simulator client. You must’ve ran the simulator once and forgot about it.