Regarding Voice Configuration through TR069


Is it possible to configure voice Parameters through TR069. I means to say IPOE or static IP profile in wan has to be created.

My issue is when the onu internet is running through PPPoE, and I wants to configure IPoE for voice, it is giving fault.

How can I switch between modes in wan. Say PPPoE to IPoE and vice versa.

I am able to configure SIP server or proxy server parameters.

Only issue is to create profile for voice in WAN.

Please suggest.


It possible depending of the device. It something you should see with the devices manufacturer support and maybe some can help if it’s a well know model.

There can be multiple WAN nodes with the same WANConnectionDevice device node. You can try to create another PPPoE WAN and enable both IPoE and PPPoE WAN simultaneously. If you have the IPoE WAN for the Voice service and configure the IP domain and routing correctly. Your voice service should go through the IPoE interface. Or you may have the WANConnectionDevice.1 for the PPPoE service and the WANConnectionDevice.2 for the IPoE service.


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