Preset does not work well

Hi I have created a preset for running my provision script and I put two serial numbers in the preconditions on which to test.
But if I put only one serial number, it works, if I put two serial numbers, on one of the two cpe the provision is not executed. Why?

This is covered in the documentation…

But there is nothing about my problem

Sure it is…

All preconditions, events and schedules must be met for the preset to execute.

Sorry for my constant questions, I have a doubt:
The cpe, once provisioned if the customer resets it, genieacs can notice and notify in some way?

Yes. When a CPE is factory reset it should send the event code “0 BOOTSTRAP” which you can listen to to push the configuration again.

But if there is the tag “Provisioned” on the CPE , the CPE does not receive the configuration

I might not put the tag when provisioning and executing the provision script only when I get the event code “0 BOOTSTRAP” with the preset. Or are there other ways?

I tried to do this but it doesn’t work

I also tried to put in events “O BOOTSTRAP, 1 BOOT”, but nothing…

If only there was this giant search engine you could use to lookup this information…

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How could I do for not to fall in a preset_loop ?