Factory Reset detection

Hi all,

I have a problem detecting 0 BOOTSTRAP Events. This was working fine for the last 2 years but now the preset is not triggered anymore. I´m using genieacs 1.1.1 with a preset configured to catch event “0 BOOTSTRAP”. Don´t know how to troubleshoot this in detail. Any suggestions? This is the debug log for this cpe:


thank you all in advance,

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Can you include a screenshot of your preset? Everything in the event data from the CPE looks correct.

of course. Thanks.

Everything looks right. Is there anything in the cwmp log file when you default the CPE?

Thats the problem. Everything looks good. Is there anything i can do for a closer look whats going on?

There are no faults/exceptions in the cwmp log?

About the only thing I can think of would be to delete/recreate the preset. Maybe @zaidka can weigh in.