Possible CPE Provisioning Scenarios

Hi guys,

I red the documentation and did several tests and now I’m about to create my final environment for the provisioning of the CPEs in my company (we are a small ISP).
I can think of two different scenario:

  • Scenario 1: Step 1: I create a provisioning script for a specific case: lets say one script for AVM CPE with a VDSL connection and one script for a HUAWEI CPE per FWA Connection. I will use arguments to use the same script for every CPE in the same scenario. Step 2 for each CPE I will create a Preset with a precondition based on the serial number (and maybe a check of a few tags) and with the arguments specific to that CPE. When the CPE contact the ACS Server the specific preset will fire and the provisioning script will do the configuration with the right parameters (upgrade FW and set specific parameters like pppoe username and password). Then I could tag the CPE as Provisioned and use this tag in the precondition script to ignore it the next time. In this case I will have more or less 20K presets configured on GenieACS. I will create the preset by hand or using the API to automate the provisioning.

  • Scenario 2: I could use the Tasks from the API to ask GenieACS to do all the steps I have in the provisioning script (mainly SetParameterValues and Download task). In this case I will not use the Preset and all the logic would be outside GenieACS. It seems to me that Tasks are alternative to the Preset - Provisioning combo.

Are these scenarios both correct? which one do you suggest?

Option number 2…

I’ll do my testing with the second option.
Thank you

So to expound more on this. Review the example of a provisioning flow wiki entry. There is no reason to do everything outside of GenieACS. I do very minimal work outside of Genie. I call an ext script to get the desired pppoe username/password, but everything else is done with a provisioning script. I use tags to know the state of a CPE, or the desired state.