Physical lab experiments with GenieACS

Hello GenieACS users and maintainers,

Thank you for your open source approach!

To give something back to the community: If you want to experiment with a network setup to connect your physical devices under test to an ACS using an Internet Gateway Device via STUN, XMPP, play with file up- and download and find out what you can achive using TR-069, check out
GenieACS is included in this turnkey solution, this is the reason for posting.

Feel free to use this, and if there are any question, please use this forum here or github itself.

Best Regards and a happy and prosperous New Year 2020,


Thank you, Christian, for mentioning in the code that you used my Dockerfile!

Hope you all the best.

Thank you, too, for your work and your contribution to us all!

The repository above is our feedback and a result of not only my work but of several developers and testers here at devolo. I admit that I drove this. But I did not start from scratch, got help from the team, and did not find all the bugs alone. And I am sure there are more of them still hidden.

So it is and will be teamwork, as often.

Hello, I’m not sure how to build a genieacs supporting XMPP and make CWMP use it well. Can you give me some advice? thank you

Hello zhangqiang,

with building genieacs I am not very familiar, sorry. I am simply using the provided docker environment.

In the environment, there is an XMPP server (xmpp.public, which is resolvable in the running docker environment). This XMPP server is configured with two accounts, username ‘acs’ resp. ‘cpe’, with password ‘devolo’.
Both acs and cpe must connect to the server.

For the ACS side, we are using pytest and python libraries for connecting and XMPP connection requests. There is also a basic example in

I am not sure if this is natively supported by genieacs.

Best regards,