Not getting SIP info from Archer VR1200v

Hi everybody!

I’m new using GenieACS. I connected a TP-Link Archer VR1200v using the CWMP configuration in the router.
The router correctly shows up in GenieACS and I see a lot of parameters. The problem is that I do not get any information regarding the SIP phones:

Any clue?

Thanks in advance

When the BLANK message appears, the manufacturer probably doesn’t make it visible or only the data can update the path in particular, you try to change the field to see if it changes in the CPE, in the case the sip see if it pulls the username and password of the account…Thanks

Hi, can confirm updating through ACS does not result in any update on the CPE.

Set the config param cwmp.debug in the Admin → Config portion of the UI. Then look in the log file to see the SOAP conversation between the ACS and the CPE.

The location of the debug file is specified in your genieacs.env file.