Cisco connection,

Hi i want connect my cisco to genieacs.

But nothing is working can someone help me?
With my Mikrotik all works!

Hi, try to ping the ip of the CWMP ACS from the cisco device. If it works, also try a telnet to 7547 port and if this is also with success, but the CWMP session still fails, contact cisco support :smile:

yes all works, ping and telnet

Hi bac2304,

There are any entries in GenieACS log?. If not, check ACS URL and port on Cisco device.


No, I do not have a log entry on genieACS and I use the same address and the same port as my mikrotik router

I can see in your screenshot a message with “Last failed session at time…”. Can you check cwmp log on Cisco device? Maybe in this log you can find where is the problem.

If there aren’t any log present on device, try to enable debug (if possible) on device and restart it to see details.


I added some log and I see that the error comes from the WAN. How do you configure it?

In this case, you need to read Cisco device documentation to set it. This issue is not related with GenieACS.