Connect Devices

after I finished the installation and I added the needed users, what is the next step ? how to connect it to my device ?


I’d start by reading up on how TR069 works…

Hi, i too have same problem

Start by reading how TR069 works. That will give you direction on how to get things connected.

TR069 is not plug and play. A lot of configuration is required to make things work successfully.

If you are unable to set this up yourself, I highly suggest you engage with a support contract by emailing

thanks for your comment , i have only one question . How can I find the exact URL to use for the CPE ?

Building on akcoder’s recommendation, leading with only one question and asking for the CPE parameter to connect to the ACS is probably going to end your quest for assitance quickly. Here’s the “on switch” answer you seek; My advice is to try and cite what you have already done to try and answer your question, when asking, to avoid crickets in public forums. At least then you can gain the empathy of more experienced users.

I would additionally familiarize yourself with logs on the CPE, and the server, in preparation to share some debug for upcoming question two.

CWMP/TR-069 runs on TCP port 7547 using HTTP as an application layer protocol, unless you have changed the port or enabled SSL

The specific URL would be up to your network/server administrator, but without DNS setup, would include the IP address of your ACS server and the port for the TR69/CWMP service.

Without any sort of frontend, like apache/nginx handling SSL, a default configuration would typically yield http://youracsIPaddress:7547 as the parameter for the acs server in the CPE GUI. In my experience, most accept the protocol, address/url, and port in this format without a trailing slash.

thanks for your reply , actually its my first time working in this field , I am a mobile app developer and I have never worked in the field that’s why I am asking some dump questions and I know its a basics but at least I learning it. I do not have a lot of time to learn TR69 in a course or something similar that’s why I am trying just to get into it. thanks for your advise . appreciate it

Then you should probably engage with commercial support.