Multiple Firmware Upgrade Files Issue

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We have a series of Mikrotik routers who’s firmware needs to be upgraded but they require that multiple firmware files be downloaded to the routers at the same time otherwise the router’s upgrade fails and it rolls back.

We have an API that basically wraps around GenieACS and executes tasks to its CPE API which handles the request to the router, but we cannot figure out how to push multiple files to the router in one download task. Mikrotik references how the XML file with the link objects should look but GenieACS only adds one link to the XML.

As the documentation specifies, only one file can be pushed by sending the following object as a new task to the CPE with the router’s ID:
{“name”: “download”, “file”: ‘name of file here’}

The front end of GenieACS also does not allow multiple files to be apart of the task as far as I could see.

Could anyone shed some light as to how we could accomplish this and if this is even possible with GenieACS?

Hi, from what I understand, you must edit the XML file with all the packages you need, upload that XML file to genieacs and initiate a download only for that single file, and mikrotik cwmp-client will parse/validate it and proceed to download all packages listed inside (note that you also have to upload those files to genieacs).

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Good day @lavira,

Thank you very much for your response! It helped a lot.

Now we create the full XML and upload that as a file itself to GenieACS and the router seems to handle everything appropriately.

Have a great day.