Manually Add CPE

How do I manually add CPE? I can’t seem to get DHCP option 43 or 125 to work.

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You cannot (easily) manually add a CPE. And even if you did, what benefit would that gain you if the CPE isn’t configured correctly you would be unable to manage it.

Paste your dhcpd config for option 43. Here is a version of ours, change w x y z to the octets of your dhcp server, otherwise some CPEs are to dumb to add a static route to the DHCP server and so the lease will timeout because the CPE can’t connect to the DHCP server to renew it.

option ntp-servers ip-of-your-ntp-server-preferably-on-the-same-server-as-your-dhcp-server-otherwise-you-will-need-to-add-another-classless-static-route;
default-lease-time 14400;
max-lease-time 28800;

log-facility local7;

# always send option 43 (0x2b) even if the client was too lame to ask for it
option dhcp-parameter-request-list = concat(option dhcp-parameter-request-list,2b);

option rfc3442-classless-static-routes code 121 = array of integer 8;

# define the TR-069 server in the vendor-options
option space tr069;
option tr069.acs-server-url code 1 = text;
vendor-option-space tr069;

group {

  option tr069.acs-server-url "https://some-ip-address:7548/";

  # CPE
  subnet netmask {
    interface eth1;
    option subnet-mask;
    option broadcast-address;
    option routers;
    option rfc3442-classless-static-routes 32, w, x, y, z, 10, 128, 240, 1;

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I actually use Cisco iOS DHCP, and the CPE keeps incrementing the IP. When I am able to hard code the ACS into the CPE, it works, but complains basic auth not allowed, how would I change that? (I am in a Lab enviroment here)