LTE gateway unreachable


I’m using a LTE gateway that connects to a Lorawan server via Basics Station. Since it uses web socket, once the gateway has established the connection to the server, I’m able to send commands to the gateway from the server.
I installed GenieACS on a AWS EC2 instance and my CPE is able to send the informs correctly every 5 minutes. However, since it’s a LTE device, I cannot ping it nor reboot it because every incoming traffic is blocked by my SIM provider. What are my options to send request from ACS to CPE ?

thanks for your help!

When the CPE supports it, you could use a STUN Server and UDP connectionrequets

thanks for your reply, but unfortunately, the CPE I’m using (Laird Sentrius) doesn’t have a STUN server. Other ideas ?

Yes, but this idea is not a great option.
It is possible to create Tasks over the apiwithout an connection request, that are handled with the next inform.
unfortunalty this is only possible over the api and not over the ui.

It is also possible with some carriers, that you get your apn, where you have a VPN to your carrier into your apn.
I saw this option for some iot projects, but it can be expensive.

One option would be IPv6 for your problem.

Does it have to be in the cloud?

It depends on the region where you operate. My mobile carrier allows device 2 device communication within this Carrier Nat domain. I do not know if there are limitations, I have only tested it with two devices that were logged into the same base station.
So you could try, to make a connection the mobile network over wireless and also create routing entries, so that the acs makes the connection requests over wireless but the main traffic goes by the fixed line. (or if mobile is very cheap, everything can go over the mobile connection)