Zero Provision Device

is there any way that genieACS tried to configure tr069 enabled devices from zero state ?
here is the scenario :

  • customer was bought a DSL device from market
  • he tried to connect phone line and got a established dsl link
  • device tried to connect to acs somehow ( i don’t have any idea about this approach )
  • acs will configure a pppoe connection on customer device
  • customer connected and everythin going fine .

is there any solution or idea for stage 4 of this scenario ?

This is nearly impossible.
Some DSL Devices will try to connect by DHCP untagged. Over that, it would be possible to provide the url to the ACS Server. Some devices will accept that, others will not.
So will need a way to identify the costumer in this stage and provide a personalised url, e.g. with a uuid.

The next part is getting more difficult, some devices will handle the switch to pppoe different and i do not know how to identifiy the correnct pppoe interface.

The better way would be to dump pppoe and only run with dhcp and untagged. That will work with alot of devices and no ACS is needed in the provisioning part.

In my company we provide manuals for configuring a own dsl device and provide bridge dsl modems, if the costumer wants that.
We have also a solution with AVM, a CPE / Router manufacturer. They include the settings for our network in their firmware.
That is the way, when a costumer uses their own device from avm with our network:
So there is a wizard which asks for the provider name and Profile. Then the device asks the other needed settings to work. e.G. PPPoE Username + Password, if the profile needs that.
Then the device will connect to our network and get the missing settings from our ACS Server.

We use vlans in most parts of our access networks, so there it would not be possible, without setting a vlan. Without VLANs a zero touch onboard would be possible with avm cpe’s. For that to work, your network must also be fast so the dhcp replies are there befor the very short timeout.

Our ACS Server has a profile for AVM devices, that is why this way works. If someone connects e.g. a DLINK device, our server will not know, how to provision that device.

Main Takeway:
Our ACS must have a profile for the coresponding device and the cpe must have at least a generic profile where it will discover the acs over dhcp.
Try removing pppoe and switch to dhcp for most costumers, so provisioning of pppoe settings is not needed.

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