How to manage genieacs users?

dear all,

the default username and password for genieacs is admin/admin. how to change it ? i can not found any menu on regards how to change it.

how to add another users with different rights ?

thank you


In v1.2.3 go to the Admin tab and then Permissions down on bottom left.
Create a user type with a new “role” by clicking the new button and set each permission you want that user to have.
Then go to the Users down on the bottom left and create a user and tick the box for the new “role” name that you created.

this is the main screen of genie and i can not find where is the admin tab…


That’s a 1.1.* version so you would probably be better off upgrading. By default I think there is a user created with view only permissions. Username=user Password=user unless you changed the user password. As far as I know the earlier versions like yours is much more limited. Look in your home directory genieacs-gui/config/users.yml

it’s installed on dec 11, 2020. i do not think this is v1.1
the installation following this video
how to make sure the version installed ?

on users.yml i can see both admin and user


That should give you the changelog of genieacs with the current version at the top. You’re definately running the older Genieacs-gui and not the ui that comes with the 1.2.3 version. You may be running the old Genieacs-gui on the later 1.2.3 but the changelog will give you an idea

cat /usr/lib/node_modules/genieacs/

yeah, you are rights.
is 1.1.0 on top of CHANGELOG.

can you guide me how to upgrade it ?

thank you


If you can I’d start from scratch which isn’t that hard.
Installation Guide — GenieACS Documentation 1.2.3 documentation
But if you’re doing this for Mikrotik setup as in the youtube then none of the configuration scripts are there now as it’s all in the database.

thank you for your clue.

i will try to make another server and install it.
no worries for mikrotik as i try to adjust the files need