How could I create a new user for logging into GenieACS?

Hi guys,

the question is clear from the title, how could I create a new user/password for logging into the UI of GenieACS?

I assume you’re on the latest version.
In “Users” under the “Admin” tab. You might want to create an additional user-role too under “Permissions” unless this new user will be an administrator.

No, I haven’t the latest version , I have the 1.1 version

Oh, ok. I’ll see if I can figure out if that’s possible, or maybe someone else can chime in.

Thank you so much! very kind

If only there was some kind of documentation…

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To be fair, it’s a bit hidden. Especially now with all the new stuff but none of the old being in “Read The Docs”.

I didn’t find it to be hidden at all. I don’t remember the exact terms I used, but that as the very first link that showed up.