I want to set custome device id

my current device id or parameter is
DeviceID.ID D01E1D-HGU%2DV200%2D4AC-DBCG1D346026

i want to set device id is my PPPOE username
InternetGatewayDevice.WANDevice.1.WANConnectionDevice.1.WANPPPConnection.1.Username demo

anyone help me thanks for advance

The device ID is computed by GenieACS. Why do you want to repurpose the internally generated identifier?

I want to connect GenieACS with my PPPoE CRM. My PPPoE username is ‘demo’. So, I will go to the CRM, enter my username, and place a button next to it. When I click this button, it should open GenieACS and take me directly to my device page without requiring a login ID or password. This is the link to my device:!/devices/D01E1D-HGU%252DV200%252D4AC-DBCG1D346026. The device should open directly without needing to log in when clicking the button from within the CRM. Additionally, if someone tries to copy the link and open it directly without using the CRM button, it should not work and should require a login.

The correct way is to store the ACS ID for the cm in your CRM system. I do this. Use the external script mechanism of GenieACS to make a service call to your CRM to push the ACS ID into it.