How does the script run

The default script is correct, so it runs all the time. However, after the first error is reported, the show script will run in a later cycle and get the parameters correctly. I don’t know why. Setting the show script to run periodically is the same.My PeriodicInformInterval is 100.
show script:
the first time:

other time:

I only have these parameters. How can I get other parameters. Declare cannot be obtained, but it can be seen in the HTTP message.

I found it infeasible to execute the script to get parameters for the first time. If it is set to be executed at intervals, it will be executed later, and multiple scripts will not be executed at the same time, and it will be postponed for a specific time according to the time of script generation.

Show runs at 43 and show1 at 45.
I will continue to study. Maybe there is something wrong with CWMP.