High level provisioning flow

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Apologies for the newbie question, I couldn’t find it being asked before when I searched.

We’re looking to implement TR069 auto-provision, we’ve got it to a working stage with a caveat… we can only tell the device what ppp to use, AFTER the device has called the server once… which would mean, we either have to plug in every device before shipping out to end user or after end users connection is live, they still have to wait for us to input the ppp creds and get the device to provision.

We imagine others probably just have a DB with mac address and pppoe, and when device with X mac calls in, it gets offered Y ppp creds?
This to us feels like a duplication of workload (the problem we’re trying to solve with TR069).

Has anyone implemented TR069 where the ppp data is pulled from RADIUS server? And do you save the MAC address of the CPE on radius serv too?

Thanks in advance and apologies if I’m asking something that’s been answered already.


We are doing the same thing as you do, please use this as your basis you have to develop an API and glue code to be consumed by your user define or custom extension, there were better example here in the forum lying around I just forget where it is. I believed the link is shared by akcoder.

If you are using freeradius and MySQL then you are lucky because this can be done at least a day or two

This is the most complete real world example you can found in the forum 15 minutes tops, you have your cake :wink:

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Found it here it is

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