Get task result via API

Hi guys!

If i send a command via API to reboot a device i receive a JSON dict with this values:

        "_id": "64d65a884e5008025b0081c3",
        "name": "reboot",
        "device": "00259E-EG8145V5-48575443XXXXXXXX",
        "timestamp": "2023-08-11T15:58:00.131Z"

But i don’t know if device was rebooted or not only that task is sent correctly to GenieACS. From GUI if i send reboot to the same device that are offline i get an error "00259E-EG8145V5-48575443XXXXXXXX: Connection request error: Unexpected status code 401"

There is any way to know the result (in this case ‘status code 401’) of a task sent via API?


401 is permissions issue. Likely you don’t have CWMP → CPE authentication setup correctly.

And to get a response from the api, you need to include the connection_request param in the URL.

Hi @akcoder, i will try to find any other method to get connection_request response.