Tasks being deleted but still executing

I have a new install 1.2.3 and tasks seem to have changed quite a lot since my old install 1.1.1 in how they are removed.
I’ve got a similar issue as a few other threads here where tasks loop such as reboot.
Because my cpe’s are behind nat I’ve had to change the cwmp.connectionRequestTimeout to 350000 so the task sticks until the next inform(every 5 minutes).
However when I click the reboot button on the bottom of the device page the reboot command keeps getting issued until the cwmp.connectionRequestTimeout is reached.
I also notice that I can’t delete the task manually from the little popup at the top of the device page either by using the clear button or the “x” beside the task. It dissappears but is still executed until the cwmp.connectionRequestTimeout is reached.
If I had to guess I’d say the tasks are being stored differently but the functions that delete them are still pointing at the old location.
From my limited testing other tasks such as channel change seem to only run the once and are removed before the next inform even with longer cwmp.connectionRequestTimeout settings.

Edit: I just tested trying to delete a channel change via the clear button and it dissappeared but still changed the channel on next inform.


There is supposed to be a fix for this in 1.2.4, and it is already in the source code so if you install from master instead of 1.2.3 you will get the fix.

Basically, what happens is that your device is closing the session ungracefully after it receives the reboot command. GenieACS thinks that your device did not reboot due to the ungraceful disconnect and sends the reboot command again, at which point the device reboots again and terminates the session ungracefully again, resulting in the loop.

The fix in the new version supposedly makes it so that GenieACS considers the operation to be complete even if the device terminates the session ungracefully.

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Thanks that makes sense. Is there a release date set for 1.2.4 yet?

Only @zaidka could answer that with any certainty, but judging by the recent timing between releases, I would guess it is coming rather soon.