GenieACS v1.2.3 curl returns empty

Hi all,

I’m a noob trying out the latest GenieACS(v1.2.3) with easycwmp running on OpenWRT. I’ve connected to the device and I can perform reboots and stuff.

When I do
curl -i '' -X POST --data '{"name": "getParameterValues", "parameterNames": ["Device.Man agementServer.Username" ]}' it returns 200 OK and {"name":"getParameterValues","parameterNames":["Device.ManagementServer.Username"],"device":"FFFFFF-Generic-FFFFFF123456","timestamp":"2020-11-30T10:34:52.920Z","_id":"5fc4cacc3f370b2d30c800c9"}.

Next I do curl -i '' again it returns 200 OK but with no content, just a couple of square brackets.

This is my /etc/config/easycwmp file

config local
	option enable '1'
	option interface 'eth0'
	option port '7547'
	option ubus_socket '/var/run/ubus.sock'
	option date_format '%FT%T%z'
	option logging_level '3'
	option password '1un53e868r0'
	option username 'FFFFFF-Generic-FFFFFF123456'

config acs
	option url ''
	option username 'admin'
	option password 'admin'
	option periodic_enable '1'
	option periodic_interval '300'
	option periodic_time '1970-01-01T16:56:19.566Z'

config device
	option oui 'FFFFFF'
	option serial_number 'FFFFFF123456'
	option manufacturer 'OpenWrt
	option product_class 'Generic'
	option hardware_version 'v0'
	option software_version 'r11208-ce6496d796'`

When I look at wireshark for debugging, I can see a HTTP 1.1 401 Unauthorized packet.

Any pointers/suggestions are much appreciated!