Cwmp log files , not getting

where i will get cwmp log files, in /var/log, i have 4-files for 4 services. in that i have genieacs.ui.access.log , in that only i am getting log files.

i have genieacs-cwmp.access.log, i am not getting any log files.

i want to troubleshoot , why i am not connecting ONU to genieacs.

can anyone tell, where i got cwmp log files

if you started the services with systemd, as indicated in the install instructions, you should be able to watch the logs with journalctl -f -u genieacs-cwmp

As very first i started with systemd, now i am running directly from /usr/bin directly starting as ./genieacs-cwmp like.

I checked with journalctl u given, i want to check whether instructions coming from ONU to genieacs.cwmp

if you’re running it manual, you should see the logs straight in the console (stdout). You should see something like this:

2021-06-23T10:59:57.676Z [INFO] genieacs-cwmp starting; pid=21383 version="..."
2021-06-23T10:59:58.169Z [INFO] Worker listening; pid=21400 address="" port=7547

any other logs should appear below … If no device connects to the ACS you won’t see any access logs.
If you want for the logs to go to a file, add the following in the genieacs.env file:

yes, we wrote in env file, same u said, for 4-services.

in that we are getting only UI log. Not any for 3-services.

ok, understood