Custom logs on genieacs-cwmp.log


I’m really satisified by your product. It’s just unbelievable :slight_smile:
I would like to ask you if there is any option to add a custom log value to the inform log. I’m specifically talking about SoftwareVersion.

I would like to detect CPE problems with this LOG. Meaning that I would parse the log file into elasticsearch. If there would be a problem after let’s say software upgrade or deployment of a new feature and CPEs resets would increase I could then track down some aditional parameters that are available in inform message.

If this is not possible I would like to ask if there is a way to read inform event code in the provisioning scripts? This way I could also log it via script.

Many thanks!

hi bajojoba,

i do not think genieacs can do the log like you asked.
for the one you need, than please check the documentation of the CPE for the option to syslog server. so you can add the prefix for each CPE and dump the log into syslog server.
i think this option that you are looking for.


There is no out of the box way to accomplish either one of those things.

What you could do is trigger a provision script on 2 PERIODIC and write the s/w version to the log that way. That would be the easiest way to accomplish your goal. But you probably want to do it on 1 BOOT instead as the software version will not change during periodic inform intervals, only on boot.

No out of the box solution seems available.

You’ll need to make yourself a custom processor in filebeat or logstash or an elastic ingest pipeline that can enrich the data with the software version based upon the device id.

You have a number of options:

  • Stream your mongodb data into elastic using some changed data capture product and perform the enrichment based upon queries against elastic.
  • Let your elastic processor connect to mongodb and query the database.
  • Let your provisioning scripts write state to some system (a database? elastic?) and then let your processor access that state information when it’s enriching the data in the log files.