All Provisioning scripts get executed during CPE inform interval

Hi all.

I have placed a log() call and a return after that on each provisioning script. The goal this time is to check on why on each INFORM call made my the CPE all provisioning scripts are executed.

this correspond to a TPLink Router (DevId 7C8BCA-IGD-7C8BCACF39EE)

2021-02-26T18:31:19.963Z [INFO] 7C8BCA-IGD-7C8BCACF39EE: Inform; cpeRequestId="9379" informEvent="2 PERIODIC" informRetryCount=0
2021-02-26T18:31:20.018Z [INFO] 7C8BCA-IGD-7C8BCACF39EE: CPE request; cpeRequestId="9380" cpeRequestName="GetRPCMethods"
2021-02-26T18:31:20.024Z [INFO] 7C8BCA-IGD-7C8BCACF39EE: Script:  provision boot 
2021-02-26T18:31:20.024Z [INFO] 7C8BCA-IGD-7C8BCACF39EE: Script: provision boostrap! 
2021-02-26T18:31:20.024Z [INFO] 7C8BCA-IGD-7C8BCACF39EE: Script:  provision DEFAULT! !!!! 
2021-02-26T18:31:20.024Z [INFO] 7C8BCA-IGD-7C8BCACF39EE: Script:  provision INFORM !!! 

and this was made by the genieacs simulator fired from another computer at the same lan segment: devid( 202BC1-BM632w-000000)

2021-02-26T18:33:31.861Z [INFO] 202BC1-BM632w-000000: Inform; cpeRequestId="xh6oi5dq" informEvent="2 PERIODIC" informRetryCount=0
2021-02-26T18:33:31.872Z [INFO] 202BC1-BM632w-000000: Script:  provision boot 
2021-02-26T18:33:31.872Z [INFO] 202BC1-BM632w-000000: Script: provision boostrap! 
2021-02-26T18:33:31.872Z [INFO] 202BC1-BM632w-000000: Script:  provision DEFAULT! !!!! 
2021-02-26T18:33:31.873Z [INFO] 202BC1-BM632w-000000: Script:  provision INFORM !!! 
2021-02-26T18:33:31.875Z [INFO] 202BC1-BM632w-000000: New device registered

I tried rebooting the ACS computer to see if there was something on Genie internal states that could be triggering this but no luck. GenieACS version 1.2.3 (I plan to upgrade ASAP but I need to do some things first)

Any hints on what I might be doing wrong ?

thanks in advance. rudy

after reading another post I realized I need to elaborate a bit more:

they configued 4 presets, all of them have weight 0:

I suppose the expected behavior would be to execute Default & Inform provisions during Inform events but perhaps I am missing something or I have something misconfigured.

thanks again.

I see your presets don’t have any schedule, events or preconditions they should run on every inform. The name of the preset has no bearing on when it gets executed.

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