Connection request error - ONU GM620

Hello gentlemen, I’m encountering a problem with this ONT/CPE, when it goes up in genieacs it shows all the information, but I can’t make updates or summon it always shows an error as in the image

I believe it is at the time of its provision where it does not “save” the connection password in genie

Could someone show me a way to work around this error or fix it permanently

Note: Remembering that I already have other models working normally, I only have 2 non-functional models, incredibly 2 chinatelecom models

passwords like that one are write-only attribute. it’s on the specs. Make sure it’s properly written on CPE side, either by setting it manually or using a provision during boot.

Or even better, use a VLAN for the ACS management and forget about connection request credentials.

I believe this can be set from genieacs admin tab under config.

Click on admin tab at the top, then click on the config button on the left. add a new config as follows:

key: cwmp.connectionRequestAuth

Its Perfect!!!


the credentials you mention are the ones used by the CPE to connect to the ACS.

OP mentions the credentials used by the ACS to fire a connection request to the CPE.

The cpe is reporting from time to time to GenieACS the problem was actually sending password / ssid change on wifi, but with the above command it solved the problem.

But where do I find these configuration variables? I didn’t find documentation.

Please refer to this forum topic