Configuration de mon genieacs

bonjour est ce que quelqu’un peut m’aider à retrouver le fichier /path_to_genieacs/config/

I recommend using English … some of us don’t feel like using google translate :slight_smile:


hello can someone help me find the file /path_to_genieacs/config/

if you are installing GeanieACS I recommend following this instructions:

there you will find the locations of config files.

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thanks sir,i have already use this doc but i don’t understand where do i write this conf

I can’t find the config.json file? Can you help me please?

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hi can you help me please

AFAIK there’s no conf.json. I did a fresh install of GenieACS a few days ago using the same instructions I mentioned and had zero problems (however I did have nodejs and mongodb preinstalled, those prerequisites are important). After that I tested it with genieacs-sim, and had zero faults.

I recommend starting over if necessary. And by that I also mean to doing the download again, just to be sure. I suspect you must be following outdated instructions.