Communication from GenieACS to CPE router running on Openwrt with easycwmp

I have a router with Openwrt Version : 17.01 and easycwmp : 1.8.6.
We are able to detect our router on ACS server with version v1.2.9.

When we try to run /etc/init.d/easycwmpd start , we get the device recognised in the ACS server. But the ACS server is not able to ping back to our router and hence we are not able to set paramaters from ACS server back into our Router.

There are two queries here

  1. How to set parameters from ACS server to our router?
  2. How to run a session continuously on the router using /etc/initi.d/easycwmpd start(Since if we run it once,the session starts and closes)
    The below image shows the ping error from ACS server to our Router.
  1. read the documentation, this forum and this
  2. afaik you can’t and I fail to see the point why would you want that. care to elaborate?

the way you mention it, error looks pretty much networking to me. may be firewall ?

Hi @rudymartin , thank you for your response.I would want the configuration file to be uploaded from GenieACS to our router. And whenever I try to send some file from GenieACS by committing, the server shows “the device is offline”.

I have found the solution for two way communication to and fro from Router to Genie ACS. Hence this discussion can be closed.